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3 Ways To Turn Customers into Fans by Creating a Community Around Your Brand

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The best way to turn your customers into fans is to listen to them. Adult beverage consumers want more than just a product; they want the experience that goes along with it. Creating a community around your brand will help you connect with your customers and provide them with an experience they can't get anywhere else.

Adult beverage customers are more likely to become fans of a brand when they feel like they are a part of it. This is why distilleries, wineries, and breweries that have been around for generations have such loyal customer bases. They share the history and culture of their brand with their customers, making them feel like part of the family. Here are three ways to show your customers that you are a hidden jewel.

Board Game Night

There is nothing better than game night to bring friends together. Board games are exploding. We're not talking about Monopoly. There are hundreds of board games that cover many different genres. Build a country, test your knowledge, destroy a villain, be a villain and the list goes on and on. Contact a local game store and work together to develop a game night.

Tastes of the Season

Work with local retailers to combine products into holiday gift baskets. Combine cigars with whiskey, coffee with rums, hoagies with beer, or cheese fondue with wine. Allow customers to buy their favorite spirits and get a discount on deserts next door.

Working with local stores for charities like Toy for Tots or make a Wish that brings the community together is always a winner. The opportunities to bring customers together around your brand are only limited by your imagination during the holiday seasons. This can be amplified by giving back to your neighbors in need.

Retail District Walking Tours

Create a neighborhood light-up night. Walking community tours can be as simple as home tours to stores putting on demonstrations or telling stories about their history. Stores can have specials and tastings. Besides welcoming people to the neighborhood, these activities make the community safer. Let the retailers show how proud they are to be a part of the community.

These activities build your brand and your community.

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