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Efficiency and Customer Experience: The Key Ingredients for Building Engaged Fans

Friday, March 31, 2023

The best way to develop customers into engaged fans is to build trust through appreciation and supplying a consistent experience. The PWC Consumer Intelligence Series "Ingredients for Great Experiences, stated, "the number one customer experience is efficiency. The customer experience is defined by how efficiently a company provides its customers with the products and services they want.

Customer Experience means that an efficient company has a clear process for how they supply their products or services to the customers and that this process is as easy as possible for them and their customers.

Many retailers spend lots of time teaching employees about POS (point of sale) systems and store layouts but must teach team members their processes when interacting with customers. Many companies still need to understand that team members are where you resolve an issue between the customer and the company.

The first step in working towards becoming more efficient is to identify what your current processes are, then simplify them to make them easily understood by everyone involved.

An efficient company provides customers with the products or services they want with the least friction or stickiness. Friction and stickiness create delay, interruption, unfulfillment, low gratification, and uncertainty. The lack of efficiency equals a terrible customer experience.

Speed is an example of how efficiency matters. A company's revenues are directly related to customer satisfaction. Speed, a form of efficiency, can mean something as simple as instant checkout with a cellphone or as complex as instant delivery. In some cases, people will even pay a premium for efficiency.

In the future, voice bots and AI will make the customer experience even more efficient. COVID supercharged the development of these technologies. Companies used technology to help provide customer support during this emergency. Since then, the technology has gotten more viable for answering the frequently asked questions allowing staff to answer the tough questions. I will discuss how automation impacts the spirits industry in a future blog. Just think of it, automated drink makers to autonomous bartenders and greeters that can validate who you are and that you meet drinking age requirements, all in the comfort of your local taproom.

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