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What the Hack Is An NFT

Friday, April 28, 2023

Early in the writing of this blog, we discussed the technology around NFTs, and I said that I would stay out of the weeds and only talk about how NFTs can be used to create a community of fans around your brand. But we keep being asked, “What the Hack is an NFT? To answer the question, we dug through some old episodes of Saturday Night Live
to get the answer.

After looking at that explanation, a little more explanation was needed. This episode should have mentioned the reason NFTs are more than artwork.

Smart contracts are programs on the blockchain that manage the information. The smart contract executes the commands of the program. Changing the program or information on the blockchain is virtually only possible if it is done through a smart contract. Smart contracts allow us to manage the supply chain, data, digital ID, customer loyalty programs, etc. on the blockchain.

Sorry, I am getting technical again. Call us; we would love to talk NFTs, blockchain, or web3 with you. We can even discuss having a party in the metaverse.

If I have confused you, it would be fun to create a way to own an NFT and go through the process of minting one, Meet the Yeti Bigfoot NFT.

Let's create a Yeti Bigfoot NFT

We would love to know your thoughts about how easy it is to create something you will own forever.

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